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Attorney for Car Accidents in Dallas

Attorney for Car Accidents – We realize how terrible a vehicle accident may be at Tate Law Offices, PC. We want to make things easier for you. We can handle your vehicle accident case while you focus on your recovery. We are a team of highly trained and committed Dallas accident lawyers with years of experience assisting accident victims and their families in Dallas and throughout Texas.

For a free consultation, please contact us immediately. Our firm’s Dallas lawyers can individually analyze your case and walk you through your legal choices. Finally, we can pursue the maximum amount of compensation for your losses and assist you in getting your life back on track.
What can our Dallas automobile accident lawyers do to assist you?

Give you a free consultation with no strings attached.
Gather the evidence you’ll need to substantiate your accident claim.
Using our network of expertise in sectors including accident reconstruction, mechanical engineering, medical care, and long-term care planning
Assist you in receiving fast and appropriate medical treatment for your injuries sustained in an automobile accident.
On your behalf, deal with all insurance providers and settle all claims.
Assist you in repairing or replacing your vehicle.
Assist you in obtaining a rental automobile to meet your transportation requirements.
Defending Your Injury Lawsuit for a High-Level Settlement
If required, file a lawsuit and go to trial for the accident.
Keeping you informed throughout the course of your case
Even after your case is closed, we will be there for you.

Seek medical help right away. If you haven’t been to the doctor or been transported away in an ambulance from the scene of the accident, you should do so right away. Symptoms of severe injuries can take a long time to appear. Inform the doctor that you were involved in an accident. Follow your treatment plan to the letter. All of your medical bills should be saved. Please let us know if you do not have health insurance. We will do everything we can to assist you in obtaining medical treatment.
If possible, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the other person’s – Photographs can help illustrate the tale of how a car accident occurred. Take images of your car if it is in your possession. We’ll work with you to get the images if it’s been towed.
Make a list of any witnesses to the accident, including their names and phone numbers — Witnesses to the accident are usually the finest source of information for determining what caused the mishap. Don’t be concerned if there are no witnesses. We’ll look for further evidence to use in your case.
Do not speak with your insurance company – You may believe that you should contact your and the other driver’s insurance providers directly. This simply isn’t the case. Insurance companies are constantly working to deny settlement payouts or pay only the bare minimum for car accidents, injuries, and losses. Furthermore, insurance firms have the ability to record phone calls and utilize portions of what you say to deny you appropriate reimbursement. Our accident lawyers manage all conversations with insurance companies on behalf of our clients, ensuring that their words are not taken out of context and exploited against them. If an insurance company contacts you, advise them to contact your attorney.
As soon as possible, contact Tate Law Offices, PC – Generally speaking, the sooner we become involved in a matter, the better. We’ll work with you to gather crucial evidence for your case and advise you on the measures you need to follow to establish a solid claim. Consultations with us are always free.

What Happens in a Car Accident Lawsuit in Dallas?

The majority of vehicle accident claims handled by our attorneys do not result in a lawsuit because we are able to resolve them before a lawsuit is filed. If we believe that filing a lawsuit is in your best interests, we will inform you and acquire your agreement to do so.

Acceleration – Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast for traffic, weather, or road design.
Running a red light or a stop sign at an intersection, waiting, cutting through traffic, neglecting to yield, or making risky passes are all examples of aggressive driving.
Driving while inebriated — Having a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more, or driving while under the influence of any combination of alcohol, prescription medicines, or illegal narcotics.
Driving while texting or conversing on a cell phone, or engaged in any other distracting activity such as socializing with passengers or pets in the car, is known as distracted driving.
Drowsy Driving – Driving when tired or asleep at the wheel, a problem that frequently occurs in workplace accidents caused by truckers and other drivers.

We will gather the relevant documentation and file a detailed claim with the insurance carrier after we have thoroughly investigated your situation. We can usually settle a case without going to court. If the insurance company refuses to pay fair value, we will launch a lawsuit to force them to pay the amount we believe the case is worth.

We will seek to negotiate a settlement during the claim process by directly negotiating with the insurance company’s attorneys. We can go to trial if no agreement is reached.

Please check our Case Results section for instances of cases we’ve handled that resulted in significant recoveries for our clients after all medical costs and legal fees were paid.
In a Dallas automobile accident lawsuit, what can you expect to get?

Give us a call or contact us online when you’re ready to obtain answers to your questions concerning your personal injury case, and we’ll set up a free consultation for you.


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