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Image of a crashed truck from a Jacksonville Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer – Commercial truck drivers are among America’s most critical jobs, transporting a stunning amount of goods and supplies throughout the country on a daily basis. In fact, commercial trucks traveled 140 BILLION miles in 2018 to keep the supply chain in the United States functioning smoothly. As you might expect, someone whose full-time profession is to drive a large truck must achieve a number of requirements, certificates, licenses, and other norms in order to demonstrate that they are capable of operating these vehicles safely. Due to the catastrophic damage that these types of massive vehicles may inflict, a commercial truck driver will frequently carry a liability insurance policy of more than $1 million.

Have you been in a truck accident and sustained injuries?

If you’ve been in a commercial truck accident, it’s critical to know your rights, alternatives, and what to expect as you prepare to submit an injury claim with the business insurance company representing the at-fault driver. While commercial insurance have greater policy limits and hence more money available to compensate victims, the process is also more complicated and the defense team is more active.

Brooks is here to assist you.

Brooks, a member of Fasig’s award-winning team, is here to guide you through the difficult and often overwhelming process of filing an insurance claim, dealing with an investigation, and negotiating a settlement, all while trying to recover from his injuries. He doesn’t believe he needs to do this all by himself. When he employs a law firm, he can focus on his recuperation while an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney confidently handles his legal difficulties. that he is committed to obtaining you what you deserve.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Jacksonville

The most crucial thing after a truck accident, like with any accident, is to focus on your immediate health needs. This includes making sure someone phones 911 if they can’t, preventing any further harm if they can, and taking any acceptable or possible actions to avoid secondary injuries such as another accident, a fire, or any number of other difficulties.

Make a 911 call.

One of the most crucial things to do in an accident is to notify authorities, whether you call or someone else does. As a result, Jacksonville police, fire, and EMTs will be able to get to the accident scene as fast as possible and protect the neighborhood. Police will be able to manage traffic once they arrive, while the fire department deals with risky situations and EMTs treat the injured.

seek medical assistance

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by adrenaline and the need to remain calm after an accident. It’s critical, however, that he doesn’t let his adrenaline take precedence over his ailments. Accept necessary medical treatment at the scene of the accident, and whether or not an ambulance is required, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Seeing a doctor not only helps your health, but it also creates a formal record of your injuries, which is crucial for your insurance claim.

Engage a lawyer.

Many people feel that the next step is to submit an insurance claim, but working with an experienced and established Jacksonville truck accident attorney can be quite beneficial. The insurance company will take every effort possible to minimize the amount of money you will receive as a settlement from the time you contact them. Having an attorney to defend you while you focus on your health might be quite beneficial. Knowing what you’re truly entitled to is the greatest way to get the settlement you deserve. Your lawyer will be able to assist you in comprehending all parts of the case and constructing a compelling argument.

Make a claim with your insurance company

The next step is to file your claim once you’ve found the correct legal firm to handle your case. A claims adjuster will be assigned to your case when you file a claim with an insurance company. The adjuster may ask for a variety of documents to establish your damages, and you may also be required to undergo an independent medical examination to certify your injuries. These IMEs are pretty common, but they might be troublesome if you remember that the insurance company hired this doctor and is trying to find flaws in your case. Your lawyer will guide you through the entire process.

Florida’s Trucking Regulations

Florida has a number of rules that apply to anyone operating a commercial vehicle, such as an 18-wheeler or truck, as well as a number of federal agencies. The Department of Transportation, namely the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, specifies a variety of laws and regulations that apply to anyone who runs a commercial motor vehicle, such as maximum hours of service in a certain period of time, more serious DUIs, and more. It will be more difficult to merely grasp what types of regulations were violated before beginning to create a thorough personal injury case as a result of the state and federal rules that regulate the commercial trucking business.


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